People you may know

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People you may know

di JC Falcón   (USA, 2016), 80’, v.o. inglese, sott. italiano

Anteprima italiana

Joe, Delia, Rodrigo e Herbert sono amici. Delia e Rodrigo sono sposati. Joe è l’ex fidanzato di Delia, ma si è rivelato gay. Herbert, anche lui gay, sta iniziando una relazione con un ragazzo molto più giovane. Dovranno affrontare una nuova realtà quando Delia rimane incinta…Una commedia scoppiettante con un cameo di Carmen Maura.

People you may know

by JC Falcón   (USA, 2016), 80’, v.o. english sub. Italian

Joe, Delia, Rodrigo and Herbert are very close friends in their mid 30’s. Delia and Rodrigo are married. Joe is Delia’s ex- boyfriend but he turned out to be gay. Herbert, who is also gay, is starting a relationship with a much younger guy. In a boozy night, while Rodrigo is out of town, Joe and Delia sleep together and she gets pregnant. She wants to keep the baby since Rodrigo recently has found out he is sterile. Rodrigo feels betrayed by his wife and his closest friend, he cannot stand the situation and leaves her. In the meantime, Joe is in a weird and secret online relationship with Tom. They have not met in person yet… and they never will.